Thursday, April 14, 2005

Spring has sprung...

Washington Monument with cherry trees (c)dbyrdAnd that means lawn work. As far as I am concerned, "yard work" is two four-letter words back to back, which makes it doubly bad. Cornelia loves working in the yard, even if her back does hurt most of the time. But the end result is enjoyable, while it lasts.

Case in point: Mulch.

We often spend a small fortune on mulch at our local Southern States, and it never stays where you put it. The first time it rains, the stuff runs into the edging we put around the beds and then we have to either rake it back where it belongs, or pour more on top of the bed.

Meanwhile, there is the "cheap stuff" -- free mulch that has God knows what in it, but will cover the ground. We use this stuff but never next to the house! It is full of all kinds of goodies (including maybe termite eggs and other unpleasantness) so it goes away from the house.

Meanwhile, we have found something to handle the little ants that emerge from our yard every year at this time. (They usually make their presence known when you are brushing your teeth -- they love toothpaste!) My sister-in-law and her husband turned us on to antpro bait stations.Antpro ant bait system They look a little like the tee markers on a golf course, and they are bright green, but they work. Bad ants must die! They use something called "Uncle Albert's Super Smart Ant Bait" and it must be working, 'cause the little buggers aren't in the kitchen or the bathroom any more. It's the most fun I've had disposing of a household pest since I harpooned the mole in my back yard in March! Later y'all, the grass is growing as I speak.

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