Saturday, April 30, 2005

She made me do it ....

Jackie Gallagher-Smith by lpga hosted by photobucket.comI came across this item when I was perusing the sports wires. Apparently the former caddy of LPGA golfer Jackie Gallagher Smith is saying the she seduced him to get pregnant, making him "an involuntary sperm donor." He is now suing her for an untold amount of damages.

Caddy Gary Robinson alleges that the golfer, who has been married since 1992, used him to get pregnant. The suit says Gallagher-Smith, who gave birth last month, put him in the position of being an unwitting sperm donor. He says that he cannot find a job, especially in the LPGA and is trying to make it as a professional golfer.

He's 26 and she's 37. They were both adults (well chronologically at least) when the alleged sexual relationship occurred last year. Robinson says that Gallagher-Smith told her husband and that he forgave the two of them. But he is still suing her for "emotional pain and suffering."

What about the emotional pain and suffering of her husband? Did you forget that part or did that not make the leap when you entertained the idea of making money off an affair you had with your boss? Or were you indulging that young man fantasy of being with an older woman.

But nobody forced this guy to have sex. He wasn't raped. Assuming his version of events is even true, it appears he went into it with eyes -- and apparently trousers -- wide open.

And what about the child? Florida law says that a child born into a marriage is deemed to be the result of the marriage and therefore DNA testing cannot be forced and Robinson has no legal right to the child.

Gallagher-Smith's attorney Edwin Belz said the caddy is trying to extort money out of her. For her part -- because she was pregnant -- Gallagher Smith has not played on the tour this year and has made no money. He has one career victory and career earnings of about $1.1 million.

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