Thursday, April 21, 2005

E-mail the Pope!

Vatican LogoNow here's something that I never thought of doing. The Pope Benedict XVI has his own e-mail address. Not that that's really new. Apparently the former Pope John Paul II had one too. But can you imagine?

I mean what would you say to the Pope?

I mean I can think of a few things. But can you imagine what it would be like to get an e-mail from the Pope? Would you think it was spam?

Let's say you're going through your e-mail box. "Mmmmmm. Okay, save on mortgages, grow hair, meet sexy singles -- and Greetings from the Holy See." That would be different.

Would you ask the Pope what kind of German sausage is his favorite? What kind of beer does he like? What's his favorite piano music? And how would you open it? Holy Father, Your Holiness, Dear Benedict, Yo Ben? And would you use slang like LOL or put those little emoticons in it? I mean this is an e-mail to the Pope! It's almost like e-mailing God. Now when HE gets an e-mail address, that's the end.

For those who are curious, the English version of the pope's e-mail address is: The Italian one is is:

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Anonymous said...

May you come to know Christ and be born again...actually knowing Christ is not what is important, but that He might know you...

Craig Linkowski