Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chloe Capped the Bad Man!

24 logoChloe Capped the Bad man! Dweeby little Chloe on "24" whose main protest was "I'm not a field agent" caps the smack out of this bad guy hired by the terrorists to kill the girlfriend of one of their operatives. Chloe, little dweeby Chloe who is about as whiny and snotty as any federal employee I know and whose p***ing matches with Edgar are about the most realistic thing on the show, empties the clip at this scumbag and the show ends.

Another semi-realistic thing on this week's show was the President being a woos bag and ordering the Secret Service to go after Jack Bauer. The bad guys got away because of this little episode of Bureaucratic illumination, which was about par for the Feds. Most of the time the government seems to do the thing that costs the most and makes the least amount of sense.

But The season is drawing to a close and the black guy who used to be president is now back. That's where it gets to be fantasy. They don't call it the White House for nothing.

But hey, it's entertainment. It's not supposed to be real. Check out Dave Barry's take on the whole thing here Dave Barry's Blog

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