Saturday, April 30, 2005

Honey, can we talk....

AP Photo of Jennifer WilbanksSo Jennifer Wilbanks had cold feet. She didn't want to go through the situation of a 14-person wedding party, and all the other b.s. that goes with a wedding with 600 guests. Now CNN has weighed in with all the experts and pundits and other idiots talking about why she did it. Can you imagine?

"She put her family through hell, she put her friends through hell, she put the community through hell, she should be ashamed, she has lied to authorities and we are calling it a mistake. That's what one "expert" Pat Brown a criminal profiler said on CNN. She said Jennifer did it to get the attention.

Have you ever tried to host a wedding with that many people in it? Maybe Jennifer and her fiancé should have talked about things before she went jogging. But her family thought she was dead or kidnapped (a story she made up) but what she was most was scared.

But this offers her fiancé a unique opportunity: to express forgiveness. But he's also got to be thinking whether this was such a good idea to begin with. Not to mention the expense of the wedding -- caterers, the church, the minister, the gown, the ring, the brides maid(s) dresses, the rented tuxes, the cake, the flowers, the photographer or videographer, the reception, and all the other bulls*** that goes with a modern wedding.

Here in Washington, the average cost of a wedding is $25,000! It's like putting on a freakin' Broadway show. But her fiance, John Mason, says he has no hostile feelings towards his once and future wife. But he does have a wedding story to tell the grandkids.

Look for the media lizards to milk this for all it's worth. There will probably be a "Law and Order" episode on it or maybe "Without a Trace."

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