Saturday, April 02, 2005


Soooooo... I learned a little something today. In my ignorance (and antiquated html training) I was linking this blog directly to the images that you see when it comes up. Come to find out that's a no-no! I found out through the rather abrupt comeuppance given me by a tech at one of the free photo sites from which I had gotten an image.

Apparently "netiquette" demanded that I post the photos to my own server, instead of "hotlinking" to theirs. OOPS! Crap! I didn't mean to steal bandwidth from anyone. I was operating under a 10 year old assumption, that you could just hit "properties" on a photo and copy the info into your html. NOPE. So the only photos on the blog for a few days will be my own until I can correct this problem. The last thing I need is to get sued by somebody.

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