Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cherry blossoms Part Deux!

Cherry Blossum at Tidal Basin(c)dbyrdOkay so here's another cherry blossom photo. I took this with an Olympus digital camera set at "SQ1" and the original image was 1280 x 960. It was taken just about an hour and a half before sunset at the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial here in Washington and I did use the flash to compensate for the backlighting.I have more photos in the rest of this posting.

Like this one:
Blossum Sunset by DByrd Photobucket.comThis is one taken at sunset along the tidal basin. I wanted to get the backlight effect through the cherry blossoms, but I turned the flash off so I wouldn't get any specific person. The crowd was huge! There were people everywhere. There were people walking, there were people driving, there were people with children in strollers, there were lovers, there were parents, there were children running and playing. And a lot of them were right underneath the trees and it seemed like everyone had a camera!My Mama taught me that you don't walk in front of someone taking a picture but in this circumstance it could not be helped!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay so this one is a tourist shot you see all the time on the postcards. But the light was so friendly on this one; it gave the whole basin a warm feel, so I took the postcard shot. I have never done the paddle boats. I don't know if they make you wear a life vest or if they are optional, but I have seen some of the stuff floating in the water of the tidal basin. Believe me, if you fall in, you would not want to stay in there very long.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd while we're on the subject of tourist-type photos, I thought the light and the different textures in this one turned out pretty good. They weren't exactly as sharp as I had hoped, but the batteries were running down on my camera so the fact that I got it at all was pretty good. I love butterscotch sunlight. This is springtime sunlight, so it's not quite the same as October, but it was pretty close. The curves in this image are not too bad, either. The contrasts of the shiny dome and the rough stones of the American Indian Museum are nice too. Mostly I just wanted to capture the orange glow on the stones, and I'm pretty happy with that. Okay, so I have bored you with enough photos. I'm just so freakin' happy to be able to publish them again, I might have gone a little overboard.


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