Friday, July 15, 2005

So I got a little tired ...

of looking at the same old format for this blog. I tried playing with the colors of the different fonts, I tried using pictures, I tried all kinds of crap, but it was still the same, boring piece of paper that I started with.

So I changed a few things, most notably the background.

Now it looks like I stuck this thing on the wall in Baghdad or something. But at least it's a little different. I am still learning how to design webpages, so this is the first of several experiments. Not that anyone reads it anyway, but I did it for my own enjoyment.


Cathy Robinson said...

I read your blogs David. I enjoy your perspective on things. Praise God for the answer to the prayers offered up for Cheryl. I too have been involved with a group of women who meet on a regular basis for prayer. We have seen God answer in a variety of ways. What a blessing. By the way, I like your new look. I am still learning to master the web myself (not very well I might add). I could use afew lessons on how to post things like the current books I am reading (with picture and link to purchase sight. Or how to post an article I have read. Any advice would be welcome.
Keep blogging!!!!

David said...

Cathy you are too kind. Yeah I would be willing to help. I am still learning myself, but hey the web is a great way to reach people. Also Cheryl has her own blog now. it's called mini thoughts (I guess because she does doll houses; I'm not sure). Anyway, thanks for reading.

If you get a chance, pray for Gabriel Saavedra. She is the young daughter of a brother from Bolivia who attended Clear River for a while and is apparently good friend with the Trujillos.

She is in the ICU and has been having seizures. The Drs. aren't sure why.