Friday, July 22, 2005

More changes!!!!!

Space Needle hosted by Photobucket.comSometimes when you reach for the stars, you need a little help along the way. I asked a couple colleagues what they thought of the changes I have made,( a dangerous proposition among journalists; they always have an opinion on something) and they had some interesting suggestions. One said "don't change on me, Dave! I liked it the way it was!" Another had a very helpful recommendation about the date header, which I have incorporated. But I am still not sure about the sidebar color. It kind of looks like pea soup or something. But I wanted it to stick out a little and not be the same old brown POS that I had before. So I hope you enjoy. Again, I am just learning to do this stuff. Who knows, I might one day get good at it.

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Biotress said...

I randomly came across your blog so I just thought I'd say "hi."