Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Alas, but parting is ....

Probably something that happens to all of us eventually. I got so tired of fooling with the old scribe template that I decided to go with a new one.

Behold the new DavzRaves!

Not exactly what we had before, and I am still editing my links list. But this one is a new generation. Some of my readers were complaining that the old template changes were not lining up when they tried to read it. Others said that Firefox or some other server was not reading it correctly. So, the "wine was sour, so I poured it out!"

Look for more photos and new stuff on this blog. The only thing I kept from the old one was the background image. I created that one using a Roxio Media Creator and a photograph I took of the woods near my house in the snow. I faded it a little with the brush command and then washed it with a green wash. Later!


Carol Trujillo said...

whoa! This comes up perfectly! I love it.

paulb said...

Good job Dave! I can read this one.