Sunday, February 06, 2005

You have got to be kidding!

clock faceThis is a clock. Okay so you knew that. But maybe you didn't know that this ticker can make a huge difference in whether you win the Super Bowl or jet back to Philly and try to figure out what the hell just happened.

In Sunday's Super Bowl, Donovan McNabb seemed to forget this clock. He seemed to forget that this clock will eventually run out. The Eagles - while trailing by 10 points - just seemed to drag themselves to the line again and again, with the clock always running. Sure they were out of time outs. Sure they were playing arguably the toughest defense in the NFL. But their clock management stunk. Maybe they needed to heed the words of The Evolution tune Staring at the Hour Glass The Evolution Staring at the Hour Glass

But you know the thing that was worst about this Super Bowl? The commercials were less than memorable. The only one that sticks out in my mind is the little girl and her dad who won't give her any Emerald Nuts. Dad gets an earful from a unicorn, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. That was pretty good. The ones with the monkeys were lame.


Jeff said...

Could not agree more David! What was McNabb thinking!? What were any of the Eagles thinking!? They sauntered back to the huddle like they had another quarter to play.The Eagles had a chance to bring home the first championship for their city and they ended that game with no passion at all.

As for the commercials – big disappointment!
The monkeys were great but that was about it. I thought the big Napster rollout amounted to a big 0 and WHO was the chick at the “hearing” with her clothes falling off and WHY didn’t FOX pull that one in their efforts to get the “G” rating. That was pathetic. As for Sir Paul… oh that I’m rocking like that at 63!

Anonymous said...

I kinda liked the chick with her clothes falling off, but anyway, I was saying the same thing to myself when the eagles still had 5 mins left to play and they were walking to the line of scrimage. That blown coverage for the touchdown was a gift for the eagles who still had to kick onsides. If they played it right they would have been going with the no huddle for the score with more than 3 mins and a regular kickoff. Thay would have possibly gotten the ball back with over 2 1/2 mins left.

Nonetheless... gotta love those pats!

from a true yankee,

David said...

Yeah, Tim and the excuses that Donovan McNabb was puking during the game don't jibe with what he said after the game Sunday.

McNabb (who did not look sick at the post-game press conference) said when "you are a quarterback in full control" you have to make plays. So Donovan is not making any excuses; he's manning up and saying get 'em next year.

Reminds me a little of U.S. Grant during Shiloh, who told Sherman after an all-star whooping on the first day of the battle "lick 'em tomorrow, though." And they did.