Thursday, February 10, 2005

Friends, music and other stuff

I have added some links to my blogroll (down there below the Blogger tag). These are some other blogs done by friends of mine, including my pastor, Jeff Ling at Clear River Community Church in Centreville, Virginia.

Also there is a classmate of mine, Tim Colson, who now lives in Hampton, Virginia. Tim has some cool raves on spirituality, but he pulls no punches.

Then there's my best man, J.R. Davison, who has defined friendship for me in the past few years. He's a good dude, a Semper Fi marine, a Vietnam vet and will get up in your world. He's definitely real.

Also I am a bass player (not Victor Wooten by any measure, but I aspire to keep things on "the one") and so that's why there are links to Active Bass and to Guitar Center. I have added one to Bass Player magazine, which I have found a great source of material and free lessons too!

Also I added one to a really cool Christian music site that features all kinds of stuff for church musicians. Check these sites out if you get the chance or skip them if they don't fit your groove. Keep bloggin'.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug bra.