Sunday, February 04, 2007

Poncho Madness

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIt rained on the Super Bowl. Solid rain for the whole first quarter, and it only got stronger and colder as the game went on. But I didn't see anyone leavin, except maybe to go to the john.

It was so rainy that the jumbo tron in the stadium was fogging up. The Bears and Colts didn't seem to mind, even though the ball was slippery and a couple of fumbles were directly related to the wet ball. It also cut down on some of the passing.

But fans broke out their ponchos and kept cheering. Even the Colts cheerleaders - soaked through in their little cowgirl outfits and wet hair - kept chipper. They shook their pom poms and danced to the tunes in the stadium.

wet reporters at the Super BowlThey passed out these clear plastic ponchos for people to wear. Half the press corps was wearing them. Rain-soaked reporters can turn into children real quick. But it is the Super Bowl. (Pause to wipe off my screen). And it is a great game so far.I wonder if Prince will play in the rain?

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