Sunday, February 04, 2007

Game Time!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIt's almost game time here at Dolphin Stadium. It's overcast and misty but not really raining. That's good because my seat is right on the edge of the overhang. So that means if the rain blows, it will blow into my compueter. Which would suck. But I'm here. My colleague Brian Wagner is here too. This is his first Super Bowl. I showed him where the madhouse that is postgame will take place. He seems ready.

We both got the goody bags = a Super Bowl 41 lunch bag, seat cushion, and a video game from Burger King. More stuff to haul, but decent stuff all the same. And it's free.

I had Prime Rib at the big feed the NFL puts on for the media before the game. I spent most of the time talking to Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes. Turns out he loves to do woodworking. He said he has built the furniture for his children. What does Andy Rooney think is the toughest thing to build? Chairs. Why? Because you don't know if they're right until you sit in them, and you can't sit in them until they're done. Kind of like a stained glass window. You don't see the big ones until they're in place. Then it's too late. It's about three hours until game time. More later. D.

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