Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Ball has turned . . . thank God

I took this shot of the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, February 10th at sunset. The sun was dropping directly down Maryland Avenue from the building. I know, it's kind of cheesy, a shot that every tourist for generations might have taken. But with the bad guys hoping to have blown it up on 9-11, I wanted to take a picture of my own. And it was hard evidence that Spring will come. Last month at this time, the building would have been in total darkness. But now it is bathed in peach-colored sunlight.

And the weather forecasters are called for snow beginning Monday. Lots of snow. They say that it might be flurries or it could be a major snow storm depending on where the storm from the South moves. And with temperatures in single digits overnight tonight and in recent days, it is cold enough for a pile of snow to fall.

But the ball has turned. Spring will be here soon. But just to remind me that it's still Winter, these folks were literally walking on the Capitol reflecting pool. It was frozen solid. But soon it will be thawed and the birds will be dipping into it. And the cherry blossums will be in bloom, and the days will be long and warm and people will be playing softball on the mall and we will forget the long nights of winter.

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