Thursday, January 05, 2006

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Ron Carter image by Hunihiro TakumaThat was my response a la Wayne and Garth when I logged on to Ron Carter's website.

I had heard his name when talking bass with friends, and he was always referred to with a sense of awe, and wonder, kind of like Willie Mays or Nolan Ryan or Juan Manuel Fangio, or anyone else you could think of who mastered what they did.

Quintessential - not to be improved upon.

I had also seen him in the Ken Burns Jazz miniseries on PBS. Then I heard the brother. Now I know.

His website offers some tastes of the master's art. If you like music that swings, a groove that will make tapping your foot irresistable, and moods that convey all that jazz is about, check this out.

Listening to him play, and knowing that he is making that sound on an upright just causes my jaw to drop. Granted, he has been at it for longer than I have been alive, but now I understand what all the hushed silence was about when people talked about him.

I thought Victor Wooten was the best I had ever heard. Now I have heard another master, another who can truly be called quintessential. Not to be improved upon. Perfect. Check it out if you like bass. If you don't like bass, why are you reading this?

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