Saturday, January 14, 2006

That one is .... gone!

So the Washington Redskins have gone down to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Playoffs.

They played in waterlogged Seattle, but in the end, Mark Brunell and the crew could not overcome the 10 point deficit and Seattle's famed 12th man crowd. But they gave it their best. Maybe now all the fairweather friends will shut their pie holes - at least until August.

I have been a Redskins fan since I was a kid. I came to love the Burgundy and Gold because of my dad, who went to Duke, as did the quarterback of the Redskins at that time - Sonny Jurgensen.

We watched the skins through the cruddy years, when they came close, but never won the Super Bowl. I went to my first Redskins game as an adult - my dad and I never made it to RFK together. I was at the last game the 'skins played at RFK against Dallas, and people were pulling hunks of turf, and seats, out of the stadium.

I have been to FedEx field a couple of times, but it is not nearly as convenient as RFK was. If you could call waiting in line for hours to get on the metro after a game convenient. But that was part of the charm.

But all that is gone now. If you are a 'Skins fan, the past few weeks have been like Cinderella, but midnight came in the rains of Seattle, and the glass slipper is broken.

The Skins are done for another year, and all the gas-faced pundits like George Michael or Michael Wilbon or Tony Kornheiser will pick the body apart until they know why every cell malfunctioned. But come August, they will be back. And so will I.

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