Sunday, January 22, 2006

A'int that sumpfin!

Kirsten Hall formerly of Sugarland (c) Sugarland.comYou might not know this lady unless you are a fan of Sugarland. Or a fan of hers from the Atlanta Music scene. Her name is Kristen Hall and she is a singer-songwriter who has decided to leave the group at the height of its popularity.

Ironically, I was talking to Cornelia about her because in Sugarland's videos, she never seemed to appear that much on camera. Now there's all kinds of speculation about why she left the group, famous for such pop-country hits as "Baby Girl" and "Gotta Be Something More."

Some of this is ridiculous - like the conservative establishment in Nashville wanted her out of the group because she is a lesbian. Or that she was too fat, but whatever the reason, she's gone.

I must admit that I did notice that Kristen did not get much attention in the videos I saw on CMT or GAC. But that could be of course because another member of the group Jennifer Nettles is the lead singer. Jennifer Nettles (c)

Of course it doesn't hurt that Jennifer Nettles has a beautiful face, is always dressed in tight clothes to show off her figure, and has a voice that could melt a glacier. And she has also been on stage with Jon Bon Jovi, and has some solo work as well.

But I couldn't help noticing that Kristen never really appeared on camera that much. Even though she is a talented songwriter. I even said one time "fat girl don't get no face time." And even that comment shows that I am just as much a part of the problem as anyone. Why should I characterize her by her weight? Part of what I was noticing I was helping to encourage!

But Kristen is gone. The word is she's gone home to Atlanta and wants to write songs. Ironically, it was the singing of her own songs in clubs each night that helped lead her to found Sugarland with Nettles and mandolin player/ songwriter Kristian Bush in the first place.

But whatever the reason, I hope she has a great career. More power to ya girl. Follow your heart.

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starbender said...

I like "baby girl"!