Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ok so Winter's back

But just in case you don't like cold weather here's a shot to remind you what Paradise looks like. And it is Paradise - Paradise Island in the Bahamas to be exact.

You want to know what love is? My wife took me there for Christmas. It was a total surprise and we still talk about it. Four days at an all-inclusive resort (Paradise Island Harbour Resort) and we spent most of it walking up and down the beach.

The air was clear, and warm, and the water was still warm enough to swim in and the sunsets and sunrises were absolutely breathtaking! So I can say I have been to Paradise. If you get the chance, go. But you better go quick - they are building condos whereever they can and soon all the great beaches will be hard to get to - like Pirate Beach and Paradise Beach.

If you don't go, then this is what it looks like. This is the end of Pirate Beach at Paradise Beach, shot with a Suji 1000 film camera, and I have not processed it at all. The water is that color and so is the sky. The rocks in the foreground are an old coral reef.

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