Friday, January 27, 2006

"525,600 Minutes ...."

Okay, so Rent took that one, and since I don't want to get sued, I give them all credit. But no royalties!

It has been one year since I started this blog. The first post (in the archives on January 28, 2005) was about the Super Bowl.

But the past year has been one of changes, some I will never forget, some I would just as soon not remember.

I do not want to get too sentimental about this. The Raves have been a forum for me to express feelings and to find out what other people think. I have also learned a few things - some HTML design, some CSS, and what it's like to have a pissed-off photography person write you a crappy note in public.

I have tried to be fair, and I have tried to get my facts right in stories about larger issues. I have enjoyed the comments and I hope that there will be more, for - God willing - the Raves will continue.

So I wanted to mark this anniversary, and to thank those who have stopped by. I have changed some of the links in the sidebar, because they ceased to be my favorites. I hope to add some more features in the future (as I learn more web design - I do want to entertain and inform you dear readers). And if I go to the World Cup this year, I plan to post from there, too, and promise to keep it real.

Your faithful correspondent,


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Cheryl said...

Hey! You took out the link to my blog! Does that mean I ceased to be one of your favorites? I mean, I know I don't post that much, but gosh!! ;) ;) If you put me back in your links, I promise I'll post more often.