Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tony and the Gay Lobby

Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy has some gay and lesbian fans saying that they are "disappointed" after he said that he believes marriage should be one man and one woman.

Dungy was speaking at a dinner sponsored by an Indiana Group affiliated with Focus on the Family. Tickets for the shindig were about $75 each and the Super Bowl winning coach said he agrees with that organization's position supporting a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

According to the reports I saw, the local and national gay lobby is now upset that the coach would even appear at the banquet.


I think the Gay and Lesbian lobby folks need to wake up. Tony Dungy is a conservative Christian; he has made no bones about that. He has always said he wants to do things "the Lord's way." He even said that after the Colts won in Miami. And both he and Bears Coach Lovie Smith were praised for the way they handled their players.

So why do the gay lobbyists think that coach Dungy would change his beliefs simply because his team won the Super Bowl? Would he have been expected to change if the Colts had lost?

Tony Dungy has consistently stood for his faith; part of that faith says that homosexuality (along with pride, greed, rage, extra marital and pre-marital sex, and lying) is sinful. So why would the coach be expected to tone down what he has always stood for? Because some fans don't like it? Wouldn't that be compromising his character and denying the very thing that made him such a great coach to begin with?

So the argument is not with coach Dungy; the argument is with the Biblical morality he proclaims. Why don't people just be honest enough to say "we want to do what we want to do regardless of what the Bible, or God or Tony Dungy says." At least that would be honest.

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