Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mostly dead...

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Okay brace yoursevles. My dander is up about something.

The place I work - have worked for 18 years - the Voice of America - is cutting funding to radio so much that they were in danger of not having newscasts on the air today (Saturday) for the first time in 65 years.

Apparently if one of the shift chiefs had not gone to the Director - Danforth Austin - repeatedly and asked for money, the radios would have gone dark for at least eight hours. No newscasts, nothing.

And this on a day when an anti-war protest led by Iraq war veterans and their families is going on. Not to mention all the other stuff that happens worldwide. They finally brought in some contractors to fill the holes and the director coughed up the $$$$$$$$$$.

All because the so-called leaders of the Voice want to divert money - your tax money and mine - to broadcasts to Iran. They seem to think that if we spend enough on good-looking tv hostesses and satellite broadcasts to Iran that will keep Ahmedinajad and his cronies from building a nuclear reactor and blowing some Americans to hell.Luna Shadzi of VOA Persian TV


They point to the fact that Russians listened to VOA during the cold war and that was one of the elements that helped thaw and eventually end the Cold War. Okay, I'll give them that. But that was radio.


Now the illuminati are not willing to spend the bucks necessary to get VOA a slot on Sirius or XM Satellite. Nor are they willing to invest in FM. No they want to spend it all - 75 million additional dollars last year and God knows how much this year - on Persian television.

Our reporter covering the anti-war demonstration couldn't even file a live report from the Pentagon because the Radio side did not have a slot for him. Why? Because the show was going to be recorded and played back two hours later because there as no staffer there to cover the next show.

And this when the so-called head of the division has nine people - all VOA Staffers who used to work in radio - working exclusively on a television broadcast to India of all places. And the Indian broadcaster they are supposedly selling the product to doesn't even have to run it. But these staffers are paid by the Treasury Department, just like those of us who work our asses off trying to provide news content for a worldwide audience.

Did I mention the tv folks don't work anywhere but there? They are forbidden by the head of the department from working in radio. If we had them doing radio, maybe we would have enough people to do the job. But this group - GS 13s and 14s all of them - are all off on weekends.

So that's my rave. Either turn it off or pay for it. Stop with the death of a thousand screws. Man up or leave it alone. The whole world is waiting. Does Al Jazeera put up with this crap? I think not.

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