Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Oh Danny boy ....

Dan Rather of CBS News
the rates, the rates are falling.
Oh Danny Boy, Brokaw has stepped away.
Oh Danny Boy, your colloquialism's appalling.
Oh Danny Boy, today's your final day.

I watched you there,
In hurricane and tempest,
Afghanistan was not too far away.
You sat and stood,
Like television's Everest
"Part of our world,"
each night I'd hear you say.

Oh Danny Boy,
You once wished us all "courage."
Your eyes grew wet,
when war was in the news.
But Danny Boy,
your fairness lost its moorage
Instead of facts,
you gave us just your views.

Schieffer's too old,
and Roberts isn't ready
To take your place,
no matter what they say.
But Danny Boy,
the ratings were not steady,
So Danny boy,
you have to fade away.

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