Thursday, March 31, 2005

Farewell. Be at Peace.

So Terri is dead. After years of suffering, after all the wrangling, a lengthy legal battle, and all the bullsh** that went on around her, she's gone.

Now the "family" if it can be called that, will fight over her bones. Her parents want to bury her with a Catholic funeral in Florida. Her former husband (he is former now, although I guess that would make him her widower) wants to cremate her and bury the jar in his family plot in Pennsylvania. But Terri is finally at rest.

One astounding irony that struck me about the whole thing is that a woman whose condition was reportedly caused by a potassium imbalance that resulted from an eating disorder died because she was deprived of food. And now those who fought over what to do for her will have to fight over what to do with her. Maybe they will do that in private.

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