Friday, April 04, 2008

San Antonio Final Four

United HeavyI'm in San Antonio, Texas, this week for the Final Four. Getting here was no fun. The plane was delayed 90 minutes by weather and because it was too heavy.

The jet seats 66 people but only 52 were able to fly because United had loaded extra fuel on the plane in case it had to divert to another airport because of thunderstorms between DC and Texas.

Then when we got to San Antonio, we had to sit on the tarmac because there was no where to park the plane. So all these delays made me late for the final practices for the games. So I missed the players and coaches, and the fact that Roderick Stewart broke his knee cap while trying to do a funky dunk during warm-ups.

So I have to play a little catch-up. Carolina was practicing by the time I got to the Alamodome, but I couldn't talk to players or coaches. So I will have to get audio from a local affiliate or something.

Thus is the life of a government reporter. I probably should have come here yesterday.

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