Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Religio et politico

So Hillary is trying anything she can to sling mud at Barack Obama by saying that Jeremiah Wright would not have been her pastor. So maybe she should stick to making sure she tells the truth about her record instead of trying to sling mud. She was not under sniper fire when she went to Bosnia-Herzegovina. She was walking with U.S. troops!

So Hillary is trying anything she can to deflect interest away from the fact that she lied about where she went and how she got there. She is behind, and is trying anything she can to make herself look presidential. But lying is not presidential - unless you are Hillary's husband. He certainly has a doctorate in deception.

I really wish they would all go away. None of them seems to have what it takes to lead the greatest nation in the world. Not that McCain would be that much better. A vote for McCain is more of the Same (sounds like Jesse Jackson, huh?)

And the 4,000th U.S. soldier died this week in Iraq. Four troops got blown up by a roadside bomb, and that put the total over the 4k mark. The Iraqis seem to let someone else do the heavy lifting and the dying and they will take advantage of what is left. And the corruption in the oil markets in Iraq continue to rise. Pipelines are busted, the oil is drained, and then when the stuff is refined, the truckers dump water in the tankers instead of diesel fuel. And this is what our tax dollars are paying for.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon reported that it mistakenly shipped the nose cone of a Titan Missile to Taiwan instead of a case of helicopter batteries. Excuse me? They Titan nose cone looks nothing like a helicopter battery. And we want to export this crap to other countries?

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