Monday, July 31, 2006

Now it's personal.

firing an M-4 carbine (c) defenseindustrydaily.comA friend of mine and a classmate at school is getting set to deploy with his military unit. I'm not entirely sure where he's going, but it brings the whole conflict (in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East) into focus for me. He wrote on his webpage a couple days ago:

We spent all day yesterday at the range to brush up on our firearms skills, which will be very helpful in prep for the ten full days of firing we will get in Georgia, mainly with the M-4 Carbine (primary weapon) and the Sig Sauer 9mm (secondary). Should be a tough four weeks total as we'll be in hot August GA weather with level 4 body armor for most of the time from what I understand. Hopefully I'll have internet/email access while I'm down there so I can post and talk to friends and family.

Makes the common everyday stuff we bitch about seem a little small, huh?

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