Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's a start

couronneco's 44 oz candle jar So I had my first weigh-in Tuesday at Weight Watchers. I was pretty sure I had lost weight, but I was not sure how much. According to my scale at home I had lost about four pounds, but that was in the morning, naked, with no food or extra liquids (water, coffee, diet soda) in my body.

But when I weighed in at the meeting, I had lost 2.8 pounds. That's 44 ounces. That's about the size of a Big Gulp drink from 7-11 or about as much as this attractive candle vase (available at http://www.couronneco.com/candle_jar.htm) will hold.

So it was not as much as I had thought, but it was a loss. And it was a beginning. So the pilgrimmage continues. I will post more later. Right now I'm off the drink one of the eight glasses of water I am supposed to drink in one day. Jeez, you get a lot of exercise just running back and forth to the head!

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