Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Fristmas Poem

Frozen Congress by DByrd
So the Senate and the House they could not agree,
On whether to drill in the ANWR you see.
Debate it was raging, the hot air it flew,
And no one in Congress seemed to know what to do.

The vote was a close one,
and Cheney came through,
And even the Patriot act got approved.
But the Congress is frozen over who will get what,
and who gets to say it's the other side's fault.

But despite all the rancor
the threats and the warnings,
The sun paid them no mind,
and came up this morning.

So let us remember despite the debate,
Not even the Congress determines our fate.
They want to look good,
and to get re-elected,
But even they take the paths
the Almighty selected.

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