Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What a waste of time!

Closer (c) 2004 IMDbSo Cornelia and I rented this movie Closer with Julia Roberts, and Jude Law and Natalie Portman -- actually I rented it thinking it would be a good Saturday-night chick flick kind of film.

What a colossal pice of CRAP!

Neither one of us could believe we just spent 100 minutes of our life watching this piece of junk. What, did Julia Roberts and Jude Law need the money? When they saw the script did they not say "this really has no point; there is no story here?" Or perhaps this was their attempt to be artsy. Or to have Julia Roberts talk in graphic terms about sex. Who needs it! It was a total waste of time.

And It won a Golden Globe and was nominated for two Oscars! What were THEY smoking?

If you want to waste 100 minutes, rent this awful piece of celluloid. If not, maybe play with your kids or garden or shovel manure. Anything but give these people more money for making such an abysmal piece of work.


Maria del Carmen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...and for the movie review. Hubby G and I saw "Hide 'n Seek" the other night, with Robert DeNiro and the little girl with the big eyes (I don't have a clue who she is!). She was a very good little actress, who's probably traumatized for life from making the movie, but the film itself wasn't any good. It reminded me too much of "Twisted," the Ashley Judd flick where she plays a schizophrenic cop.

What have you seen that you do like? We're always looking for good rentals. I like romantic comedies, "Chick Flicks," and suspenseful thrillers.

David said...


Yeah, that's Dakota Fanning. She's apparently got quite a career ahead of her.

Hey a flick you might enjoy is "Spanglish" staring Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni and Paz Vega. It's good, but it does deal with some touchy subject matter. I thought it was a LOT better that CLoser.

Also if you haven't seen "Finding Neverland" check that out. Another of my favorites is "Shadowlands" starring Anthony Hopkins and Deborah Winger. All of these are available on DVD.

Glad to hear you survived the storm. My motherin law lives in Islamorada, and they apparently are Ok.

Talkatcha later.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

thanks for the insight on the movie, I will definately not waste my time!!