Friday, August 05, 2005

Now that's just bull...

No one rhymes with me!You have heard it said,
many times I would guess,
That no word rhymes with orange
And you'd answer me "Yes!"

But this strange fact
caused this curious soul,
To see if it's true,
so I went to troll
the Oxford Rhyming Dictionary to find
If orange had no word with which it could rhyme.

Through pages, and pages, and pages I turned,
past peacock, seacock, greening, and preening
To look for a place where Orange would rhyme.
But when I got there, I'd wasted my time.

See the editors of this scholarly tome, must have
Thought it evil to leave poor orange alone.
They stuck it with words that were similar, true,
But not really rhyming, not one would do!

There on the page like four actors on stage
were Scavenge, lozenge, Challenge, and orange!
"That's Bull!" I mused as I read the four words.
"what do they mean these rhyming Oxfords?"
To think that we'd be taken in by such tripe?
They must think that we're of Neanderthal's stripe.

Scavenge, and lozenge, and challenge, they say!
Those don't rhyme with orange, not any way!
Not like refill and landfill and backfill and infill,
Not freewheel, or pinwheel or flywheel and tailwheel.

Why I even found several rhymes for Oxford!
But not really for 'orange' the poor lonely word.

But rhyme it or not, we still love the orange.
Love the sweet merging of red-yellow tinge.
Why where would the sunsets and Florida be,
If there were no orange in the skies or the tree?

So let Red and Yellow hang out with the blues,
Let indigo, violet, and Green have their hues.
But don't look for orange to rhyme like they do,
For it is unique; now how about you?

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