Friday, August 19, 2005


Terrell Owens by ravensnest.comYou know, I am REALLY getting tired of Terrell Owens of the Philadelphia Eagles. Okay, so he can Catch the football. Great, he's a professional athlete who is paid very well to play a game. And he did help Philly get to the big dance last year, but alas, they lost.

Owens set team records with 14 touchdown receptions and finished with 77 catches for 1,200 yards last season. He also returned from a broken leg and severely sprained right ankle to catch nine passes for 122 yards in the Super Bowl. Which again, the Eagles LOST.

So now, T.O. is P.O.'d that the Eagles don't want to pay him more than seven million dollars a year to parade around and flex, and pretend to be somebody. MY HEART BLEEDS!

Here's a guy who is given a perfect environment in which to ply his trade. I mean, the Eagles have a new stadium, great facilities, and fans who actually support them. They have the best high-tech stuff to get strong, stay healthy, and if they do get sick or injured, they have highly-trained specialists to care for their every boo-boo.

So why isn't Terrell happy? What does he have to complain about? Two guys -- two -- who do the same job he does made more money that he did last season --$ 7,244,033. (These are figures for the salary cap value, not the actual money they took home). One of them was that other notorious malcontent Randy Moss, who now is in Oakland ($ 8,882,727). The other was Colts' wide receiver Marvin Harrison ($8,083,280).

Now, compare and contrast THAT statistic with this: A Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps -- you know the kind of guys getting their heads blown off in Iraq? -- like the late Harry R. Swain IV,Image hosted by who was killed at age 21 a week before he was scheduled to go home -- ironically the Monday before the Super Bowl -- takes home around $20,000 dollars a year. That breaks down $384.62 a week.

Compare that with some ass like T.O. who took home $176,167 a week (in REAL money, not cap crap) and no one was shooting at him, no one was trying to blow him up, he didn't have to eat sand, or fight camel spiders, or deal with scorpions or ride in a HUM-V that doesn't have sufficient armor. Also, he knew who his opponents were, he could see them, and there were rules to the game he played that everyone understood and tried to abide by.

So I have to ask: Who do you think we should be cheering for?

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