Saturday, October 28, 2006

Freedom Fighter

Tim & Friends in DjiboutiThis is a shot of a friend of mine, Tim, with some guys in his unit in Djibouti. I wrote about him earlier (Now it's Personal). Tim is a member of the NCIS and has been deployed for a year. That means that he won't see his wife Alexis, and his kids for a while - 525,600 minutes. Tick, tick, tick.

I stayed with Tim and his family and drank beer next to his fire pit and talked with his kids and slept in his basement when I was doing an internship this summer. We have also had several classes together at Regent University.

Now he's in the middle of bleedin' nowhere and I'm in DC making a living. It was stunning to see his uniform hanging in his closet when I was at his crib. It reminded me that my friend is in a dangerous buisness. Keeping me, and the rest of us, safe. Thanks, Tim. Come home soon.


Tim said...

it's because of people like you that i don't mind doing what i do buddy. thanks for the kind words. let's schedule a night for a beer or two at your place when i get back to DC.

Anonymous said...

YOu got it man. We'll hit the Brickskellar for a sampling of their best. Stay safe! Prayin' 4U2Dfather