Monday, June 26, 2006

So when do the pairs of animals come?

Lake Drive in Manassas, VA flooded by Bull Run CreekOkay so maybe that's a little extreme, but it has been raining a lot here in the DC area this week. This photo is one I took of the road near my house when it was closed because of a flash flood.

The water was careening over the road so fast that the fire department had no choice (apparently) but to close the road.

Maybe it was the ten tons of crap in the creek - tires, chairs, lawn furniture, tree limbs and other stuff - that blocked the drains. But it finally got the illuminati from VDOT to come down and take a look at things. I hope it wasn't too little to late.

They had the road blocked on both sides of my house. Cornelia and I had been out to some appointments and when we got home, we couldn't get to our house! It was such a helpless feeling, and there was really no way to get past the fire trucks - or the water. This was a flood of the first degree, muddy water rushing over the road and down the (too small and clogged) culverts in our neighborhood. And there was nothing we could do to get past, so we decided to go to lunch and wait to see if the water would subside.

But an hour later it had not. So we parked the car and decided to go around. We went to a higher street in our neighborhood, and walked through the woods - getting quite soggy in the process I might add - and finally emerged beyond the creek and behind a neighbor's house. Our main concern was getting home because the dog had not been let out for almost six hours by the time we got home. We saw that the road had cleared enough for us to retrieve our car and then we drove home and felt quite relieved.

But the feeling of helplessness was really crappy. I can't imagine what it would be like if we were in the situation some folks have encountered in DC and other areas - with building inspectors tagging their houses with "Condemned" stickers. That would be unbelievable. I had a sh***y attitude today even though we made it home. But I cannot imagine if we had to leave the house and not come back until it was all cleaned out and cleared by electricians and building inspectors and gas company people.

And the forecast is for more rain and thunderstorms for at least a couple of days. Now watch, some idiot will say this is God's punishment on America for wickedness or something stupid like that.

But right now I am thanking God that I made it home and that my wife - and my dog - are safe.

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