Friday, October 28, 2005

Water, Water everywhere . . .

Richardson Falls, Franklin, NCThis is another waterfall from our recent trip, and this one happens to be on my mother-in-law's property. At least half of it is. The border between her land and the people from whose porch I took this photo runs right through the middle of the creek. Her house sits on 25 acres near the top of a mountain and this particular waterfall is fed by a mountain spring.

I told her "Whatever you do, do NOT sell this property!" Granted, it is hers to sell if she wants to, but already at the bottom of her mountain I could see the property's eventual fate if she did sell it: People are building mini-McMansions lower down the hill (and higher up). The developers would probably divide her parcel into 1/2 acre plots and put as many of these ugly boxes on them as they could. And that would be truly sad.

I found it ironic that people who build a mountain home (or purchase one) to get away from noise, hurry, and crowds, eventually -- unless they buy all they can to insulate themselves -- find themselves surrounded by other people who have come to escape the muchness, manyness, noise, hurry, and crowds. Doesn't that suck!

And lest you think that I am exaggerating, this is a photo of what her back porch looks out on.MakePeace Farms View
Inside that little copse of trees is a gazebo which offers even more spectacular views. The colors were not at peak during our visit, but you can begin to see some of them breaking through. And you can hear the two waterfalls from the gazebo. And so the last thing that she should do is sell this. It would be an absolute tragedy. If anything, she should buy more property on this mountain to keep the pillaging hordes at bay.

But again, that is her decision. I know what I would do.

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