Wednesday, September 14, 2005

There is a Willow ...

Hurricane Ophelia by NOAAbut it won't be aslant the brook for very much longer.

Ophelia is pounding the old North State as I write this, and it makes me wonder how things are in Topsail Beach, where Cornelia and I went on vacation last year. We even joked that if a really serious hurricane every hit that area, it would be a sand island, and nothing else. And houses there are not cheap.

CNN has its weather guys and gals out in the winds, (80+ MPH) and the center of the storm is right now 40 miles East of Wilmington.

This is "only" a category 1 storm so far, but Katrina was "only" a category 1 when it went through Miami last month. Imagine standing on top of your car as someone drives down the road at 80 MPH and you get some idea of what "only" category 1 is like.

So pray for those along the coast. Hurricane season doesn't end for another couple of months.

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