Wednesday, October 16, 2013

At the cliff's edge

Once again we find ourselves at the edge of a cliff.  This time it's the possibility of default; last time it was the sequester.  And it's the same players - Obama, Boehner, Reid - who are jerking us all around.

Are we tired yet?

The situation reminds me of an abusive relationship - the abuser threatens or beats the victim and the abuse is as much mental as physical.  And the unspoken messages are things like 'you're worthless, and that's why you're treated this way' or 'you have no where else to go.'

But in this case, WE have the power.We just seem to refuse to use it.

All the House and 1/3 of the Senate come up for reelection every two years.  Yet even in Presidential elections turnout is poor.

So if we are tired of getting screwed over, if we don't like our country the way it is, let us EXERCISE our power and EXORCISE the devils in Congress next year.

Unless you LIKE this kind of treatment.....

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