Friday, September 30, 2011

Now that's good television

BBC Promo photo for The Hour starring Dominc West, Ben Whishaw
and Romola Garai in a 1950s-based drama.
I've discovered the BBC America series The Hour.

It's kind of a spy thriller, journalism, spooky pre-Mad Men. 

 It really looks good and so far I have watched four episodes.  Lots of smoking and drinking and sex, but very well written.  And the look is just right.  They got it on this one.

But the Beeb always does get it right.  They pounce all over stuff with abandon. It's like a book you can't put down.

Speaking of books, I have been reading Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz.  It's really good. I enjoy thrillers like that one.  My wife is reading another one of his novels.  We both read a couple of John Grisham novels recently as well.  Usually she reads them first and then I read them and we talk about our impressions of the books.

Been doing a lot of video work at work so far.  Boss man seems to like it.  But I still love being on the radio. The magic of radio still has a hook in me, and I think it always will. 

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