Friday, March 18, 2011

Back on the blog

It's been almost a year since I posted anything here.  That's way too long. I got some bad news this week - I am getting old.

The evidence of this was brought to me by swelling and pain in my left knee.  It's not torn cartilage like I thought; the doc said it was osteoarthritis.


But it wasn't all bad.  I did go to physical therapy and it helped.  But this pain in my leg promises to be my companion for a while.  The doctor said long term I am looking at joint replacement.  But I hope the term is a long time from now.


Hey did you see that the moon is supposed to look 16% bigger and 30% brighter on Saturday night?  Have to break out the camera and see if I can actually capture a decent image of the Super Moon.  Look for it here if I succeed.


Not really happy with the new editor on blogger.  It keeps thinking for me, and I just want it to make the next line appear.  Eek.  And for some reason it doesn't seem to realize that hitting the enter key means that I want to go to another paragraph. C'mon blogger or it might be another year before I come back.

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