Friday, December 21, 2007

A shot across the bow ....

I just got the results of my biennial physical bloodwork. It was not good news. My cholesterol is up (203) with the bad stuff - the LDL - up to 136. Apparently the best is for this level to be below 100. The last time I was tested - two years ago - it was 114. So no more high-fat foods. Love the (yuk) veggies.

That shouldn't surprise me. I have been eating like a pig. And my weight has shown it. Since 2004 I have regained 50 of the 80 pounds I lost on WeightWatchers. I don't know who I think I'm fooling. I haven't been sticking to the program, so why should I expect it to work.

My doctor said my weight is the big problem. No prostate trouble, no high blood pressure (thank God that was normal!) and my blood tells the whole story.

I was thinking this morning that what I have been doing is not working - the lies I have been telling myself. The extra calories add up and there's no way around it.

So if I want to live, I have to change. No fun. Especially right before the family Christmas gathering. But what has to be done has to be done.

Pray for me. Food is one thing that I have struggled to control my whole life. Now the battle is serious.

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