Friday, September 07, 2007

No, you still can't call me

I learned through watching the news this morning that the national "Do Not Call Registry" - remember that thing that you put your number on so telemarketers will not call you at all hours of the day - is about to purge its rolls.

Actually the first people to register when this thing was founded will have their protection expire beginning next year.

So unless you want irritating "can I speak to so-and-so" calls during dinner again, go to and register your number - again.

Apparently the justification for the numbers expiring is that they want to rid the registry of people who change their phone numbers or move. But I still have the same number - and no, you can't call me.

So get your fingers to and register again. Maybe this time it will last longer than five years, but I don't think so. On the e-mail that you get when you confirm that your registration, the e-mail says "your registration will last until 2012."

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