Friday, April 07, 2006

On Point : The Internet's Impact on Sex and Society

On Point : The Internet's Impact on Sex and SocietyI was listening to this show on the way to work today. It featured Pamela Paul, the author of the book Pornified: How Pornography is Transforming Our Lives, Our Relationships and Our Families.

It was an especially poignant program since a Department of Homeland Security Official was arrested this week for trying to solicit sex from what he thought was a 14-year-old girl on the Internet. It was also broadcast on the day that Playboy went on sale in - of all places - Indonesia.

This program features several people who outline how dangerous this stuff is to us. A lot of users are men, regardless of what Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt and his other fantasy-pushers want to make you believe about what women do with the stuff.

But one real disturbing fact about this program was a mother who mentioned that her teenaged daughter had logged on to porno sites and had watched really hard-core stuff on her computer. And when confronted, her daughter said "but Mom, everyone's doing it."

It also talks about how men view women and the expectations they have of women in real sexual relationships. But some men cannot have real sex - they are so hooked on porn that they cannot achieve or maintain erection in a real sexual relationship. So the thing they think they have to have has robbed them of reality.

It reminded me of C.S. Lewis's statement about temptation in The Screwtape Letters. It promises everything and delivers nothing!

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