Monday, March 20, 2006

An actor's lament

So I was trolling last week and came across an actor's blog from Chicago. He had some things to say and after reading his post it inspired this poem. Some of the lines are taken driectly from his post, others I made up.Hope you enjoy it.

What is it about the middle of the night?
When you’re a kid there’s monsters under the bed.
When you’re grown it’s the voices in your head.
Do we ever really get beyond the fright
Of the things that we don’t know,
Do we ever grow out of it?

So many questions racing through my mind
But the answers are far behind,
They don’t seem to catch up quite as fast.
Three in the morning and all alone,
Wondering where my life is going.
Wondering why I chose this path.

In the stillness the mem’ries come
Of all the things I should have done,
And all the shit I wished I never would have
Thought of.

Fighting the voices in the ling’ring night
But all looks different in the light
Nice people, decent money,
Not as cheesy as I thought it’d be.

But I know there’s more than this,
More than just the busy-ness
that I cram into my
Day to make the voices go away.
There is a reason to go again,
Something other than just the din
Of the midnight whispers
and all they have to say.

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