Friday, February 03, 2006

Tick, Tick, Tick -- HAHAHAHAHA!

So the clock is ticking for these obnoxious little pieces of crap and frankly, I for one hope they all go offline so people will have to do without them. You see these little digital monsters everywhere, especially here inside the Beltway.

And the people who use them are nearly as obnoxious as the machines themselves. Isn't it ironic, that with the Blackberry and the iPod and all these other electronic gizmos that are supposed to help us communicate better, we have become more obnoxious and isolated from one another?

A Virginia company, NTP Inc., is suing Research In Motion Ltd., the Canadian-based manufacturer of the BlackBerry, for patent violations, claiming it was first to develop the technology that runs the devices.

If somebody doesn't pay up - a lot of money - NTP is seeking an injunction to shut down the service in the United States for most users.

But the BlackBerry manufacturer argues the service should not be shut down, because it works when cell phones and other avenues are out of action - like after 9-11 or during hurricane Katrina.

If the judge rules later this month that Blackberry has to shut off its service because of a patent infringement, then the little hand-held friends would go dark. And people might even have to talk to one another again. Wouldn't that be something?

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