Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's not like He's a tame Lion ...

I can hardly wait for December 9th! That's when Disney is going to release the first of the Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

This is the perfect time for these stories to come to life. With the C-G animation and the power of Disney behind it, not to mention Andrew Adamson, the director of such hits as Shrek 2, Toys, and Batman and Robin at the helm, this promises to be one for the collection.

I just perused Disney's website for the movie and the website looks like it's as much of an adventure as the books!

This is especially poignant for me because Cornelia and I read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series last year. And I think other than this first one, my favorite was The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The reviews I have read of this movie say it is every bit as beautiful as The Lord of the Rings trilogy (and both were shot in New Zealand, so expect more breathtaking shots of the Kiwi nation).

The article I read (in the November 7th Edition of "Newsweek") also said this movie is faithful to the book without being preachy, and the movie has war but no gore. Apparently the Disney folks knew that there would be plenty of curious children at this flick.

But I am chomping at the Bit waiting for this one. I will probably see it three or four times. I hope they do the whole series!


Image: Chronicles of Narnia Poster. n. p. Online:[16 November 2005]

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