Thursday, June 09, 2005

Betty Crocker: Curse of the Kitchen

Brownies Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhy do people bring brownies to work?

Today, when I was feeling especially plump because I have put on a few pounds, someone decided to bring brownies to work! And not just crappy brownies. I mean the really chocolately ones with the walnuts that would go great with coffee. And I love brownies and coffee.

I could tell this wasn't going to be an easy day. I mean come on, chocolate fudge brownies with walnuts hooked up with a steamin' hot cup-o-joe. It's like crack.

I mean you get a really good brownie, warm and steamy and just out of the oven, so the fudge chips in it form these long chocolate strings when you break it and you can see the steam coming off it and you can smell the chocolate.

Take a bite and you want to chew the whole thing in one gulp, but you don't dare because it would mean plowing through this thing really fast. And you wash that first orgasmic bite down with a great cup of coffee (not the swill the serve at McDonald's but real coffee, good stuff that takes time to brew).

But, such pleasure has to be taken in little doses. And rather than forsake brownies forever, I have found a substitute. They are called "No-Pudge" brownies and may the almighty bless the woman who invented them. Her name is Lindsay Frucci and she is a confessed brownie addict. You can read her story at the above link.

But these things provide those of us who long for a brownie fix to get our chocolate Jones and not die for it. The mix is made with yogurt instead of butter and cream and all the other crap. But it tastes like the real thing. And with a little "Better N-Peanut Butter" from Trader Joe's or Wegman's
, these things are righteous. Drop a dab of fat-free Cool-Whip on them, and that's the end. Anybody got some coffee?

So I will be able to hold out when the office good-will ambassadors bring in the junk food. But it ain't always easy.

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