Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We had a little excitement today ...

General Dynamics f-16 in the neighborhood. A couple of these - F-16s - flew over the building as part of the scare about a small plane that got too close to the Capitol.

They evacuated the White House, the Capitol Building, and everyone was in a big tizzy. But - thank God - it turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.

I talked to Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman on the Mall. He apparently was in the basement of the Senate when the alarm came. He said that they told everyone to leave, no questions asked. The Capitol Police basically threw everyone out.

Another man I talked to said that the alarms went off and the police told them all to leave. ADIZ Image hosted by

All for a guy who got off course and flew into the ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone -- the kill zone -- here in Washington. Get inside this area, and you run the risk of getting capped faster than a 24 agent who goes with Jack Bauer on a mission. But I'll tell you, I am glad they are there. There's something comforting knowing that even a false alarm would be met with a response to keep us safe.

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